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Two little iron swords are adjuested to the back of a man getting dressed for the ÒEmpalaosÓ celebration  in the village of Valverde de la Vera, in Extremadura, Spain, 22 April 2011. During the whole night of Maundy Thursday penitents knows as ÒLos EmpalaosÓ (the Impaled Ones) re-enact Christ«s walk carrying the cross on which he was to be impaled in Jerusalem. They are bound to a plugh beam by esparto rope, a veil cover their faces and they wear a crown of thorns. Accompained by a lanternbearer they walk bare foot around the village and bend to every cross and other penitents on the street completing their particular Via Crucis (Stations of the Cross). After about an hour they return home and the rope marks are washed with rosemary alcohol. ..